Clubs have the responsibility to setup and take down assigned fields. These responsibilities are sometimes delegated to the first and last teams on the field. For Setup:

1. Your club will know where the nets, goal anchors, and flags are kept. Be sure you have this information before arriving at the field.
1. You need to be at the field 30 minutes before teams are to arrive for warmups.
2. Some fields require that the goals be assembled. It is essential that the goals are properly assembled for safety.
3. Be sure the nets are properly attached such that balls cannot leak through. Attach to both the goal and the ground behind the goal.
4. Goals must be anchored! This is essential. Some referees will not allow a game to proceed without goal anchors. This is a key SAFETY issue. Anchors can be in the form of sandbags or metal U anchors, and must be placed on the lower back and sidebars of the goal (See Diagram 1).
5. Goals need to be centered on goal box and the inside of the front vertical post aligned with the back of the goal line (see Diagram 2).

GoalAnchors GoalAlignment
6. Corner flagposts must be placed at each corner. See Diagram 3 from the Laws of the Game.
7. Check field for dangerous conditions (potholes, mud puddles, etc.). Fix to the degree possible, and point out to referee.For Take Down:1. Remove nets from goals, anchors and corner posts and store according to club directions.
2. Clean up any remaining trash. If teams have been properly trained, there should be little or none. 

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